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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

You Have Just Crossed Into... the Ellie Zone...

Hello, friends! Welcome to the magical and exciting world of Ellie! Where every day is a fun trip through a portal to the realm of crazy and unpredictable. 

The wildlife is mainly consistent of cats 


and all of the plants are flowers in every color 

(except lavender)

 and trees that grow cups of hazelnut coffee and Reese's cups. 

Now, you might be saying, "Jeez, Ellie, that's a lot of pictures for two sentences." And if you are, my response is, "Yes! Yes it is!" That's the point. Its crazy and unpredictable, but I warned you of that, didn't I? 

Now, let's get down to business.

I'm supposed to be telling you about myself, not confusing you with lots of seemingly random pictures. Well my name is Eleanore Grace Kennedy, but y'all can call me Ellie. Yes, I am from the South. About five minutes from Mobile, actually, so farther south than a lot of people probably perusing this page. No, I am not a toothless hick. I am a lady!

This is Marie, from The Aristocats. She is my inspiration, and the ultimate lady.
My major is Mathematics, however it may change because that major requires five calculus based physics classes, which I will undoubtedly fail. Not because I am bad at math, but because I am horrible at physics. I have taken IB Physics

I have also taken AP Physics

And I failed both of them. Well, not failed. C is technically passing. 

But enough about that. No one really cares about my physics problems. On to fun things! because this is the land of Ellie. YAY.

I do aerial silks. Its a circus skill. My friend is going to get me into Barnum and Bailey because he has family in that particular circus.

I can do this

as well other tricks. Yay circus.

I have two cats. I am one of five children, I am the fourth. 

Um, I am running out of things to say. So this must be the end. Well then! This was fun! (for me, probably not you.) Okay bye.

Its only fitting because I lived by the beach.

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  1. I thought your post was really good. All the pictures were great, It may just because I am pretty crazy too, they kept me interested. Also that's so cool that you can do the aerial circus stuff. I always thought it looked way to hard for me to try. I enjoyed the post and don't worry your not the only weird crazy person.